How To Publish Blog Content Quickly & Efficiently

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Any way to optimise the content writing process is a win in my books

When I say ‘quickly’, I don’t mean just churning out any old content either. Instead, this is one of the ways I use to convert existing content into other forms of content, much quicker than it otherwise would be to just sit down and write it. Let’s have a look.

Video version – How to produce content quickly and maintain quality 


The simple process for faster content production

In terms of keeping this post short, let’s look at the process I stick to when doing a top-level form of keyword research to inform a blog post or a video (whichever one I start with will end up as the other too), and then how this translates to content:

  1. I start with a standard Google search, and once I’ve found a short-tail keyword I’ll run that through Ahrefs to see the average DA of the competitors. I don’t worry too much about YouTube competition at this stage as my channel is still very new either way, so it’s more for realistic competition in organic search.
  2. I then outline sub sections related to that top-level keyword. A tool like Keyword Magic from SEMrush is great for this, and you can also get suggested FAQ’s you can use as supporting content at the end of the post or video too.
  3. The next step is to just sit down in front of my camera, and talk. With a topic like digital marketing I have enough years of experience that I can just sit there and talk about whatever the topic will be, and I’ll also usually have my notes up on the laptop to make sure all sub headings are covered.
  4. Once the video is edited and published, I have a go-to video transcription service from Fiverr who will provide an accurate transcription in a simple word doc.
  5. Remember those headings from the initial research? These then get put into the word doc, along with some inevitable formatting and all the usual bits such as internal links, along with any features required once within WordPress e.g. addition of the table of contents plugin at the top of the page.
  6. Publish.
  7. ….Profit?

Okay, step 7 is a bit of a joke, but if you’re looking at blogging about a subject that you can talk about until you’re blue in the face then this is a great way to not only get written content efficiently, but also cover two bases and forms of a potential audience growth simultaneously.

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