Free SEO Courses That Provide Real-World Strategies

As an SEO consultant, I've lost count of the amount of free and paid courses I've gone through. Whether it was learning specifics aspects of SEO or more broader digital marketing tactics, I know what a good course looks like, and what a bad one looks like too! 

Because of this, I wanted to both share my knowledge with a series of free courses, and also provide information in a way that isn’t drawn-out over an unnecessarily long video course. 

My approach is creating courses that come into your inbox each day, all focused on a central theme. Check out the growing range of courses below and get signed up to them to learn the SEO strategies and tactics I use, both for my clients and my own portfolio of websites. 

There’s no bs, no fluff, just actionable advice that I wish I had when starting out. 

my free course

Free Link Building Crash Course - 6 Day Email Course

This course covers purely actionable link building tactics and methods to land the types of links that really move the needle. Over a period of 6 days, I cover:

Note - This course has now changed to a blog-based guide


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