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Looking for straight-talking SEO training without any up-selling or fluff? I’ve been in your position, and completely feel your pain when it comes to finding a cost-effective solution to learning SEO. Often, large city-centre agencies will charge a fortune for a day’s worth of training, and you can often come away with a very basic understanding of SEO at best. On the other hand, buying courses off websites like Udemy can be a bit of an information overload, and again you’re almost back to square one!

What I do

SEO Training in Manchester & the wider North West area

With my SEO training, I make bespoke courses based on your needs.

For example, if you’re a small business owner in Trafford Park, you’re going to need a different SEO strategy than a chain of retail stores which cover Manchester and the wider North West area.

With this in mind, I then set about to fully audit your site, and then base the training off what your site needs, and what can be actioned by a beginner (or expert, depending the level of SEO experience you already have).

What I do

Remote courses for business across the UK

If you’re not local to Manchester, then don’t worry. Particularly with the vast majority of the workforce now working remotely, it has never been more important to find remote solutions to learning and expanding your skills. 

I’m more than happy to provide a bespoke course remotely. With all remote courses you receive:

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What I do

What to expect from my beginners SEO training

As mentioned above, all beginner training is bespoke based on your requirements, however all training will cover what I’d consider to be the most important basics of a well-rounded SEO strategy. These include:

What I do

Remote courses for business across the UK

I understand that most people requiring training will be online business owners looking to increase their revenue online, however you may just want to start a blog to make some money and require SEO training for that too.

So, with this mind, I also provide training for the following aspects of SEO (and generally either actioning SEO on websites or building websites to generate an income online):

Affiliate SEO Training

Technical SEO Training

Local SEO Training

seo training

My recent beginners course has been particularly well received.

It covers the following points, but again all specific to your business so that everything you learn is in content of your website: 

  • SEO Fundamentals 
  • Keyword Research 
  • Competitor Analysis 
  • Content Gap 
  • Introduction to link building & outreach 
  • Technical SEO – What you need to be aware of 
  • How to use both free and paid-for tools in order to expand the levels of SEO research for your organic strategies 

Examples of my Training Videos 

Aside from bespoke courses I run a semi-frequent YouTube channel with tutorials for tools and different types of SEO strategies. You can take a look at my teaching approach and types of videos I create below:

Training Cost

All training will be done via Skype unless otherwise specified, with a bespoke training plan provided to you. Average cost of training is £400+VAT, however this completely depends on whether I’m required to travel to you, and how bespoke the training requirements are.

In the future I will be introducing basic SEO training packages which are more generic and a little cheaper in price, but I find that for now even though the bespoke training services are a little more expensive, my students get a lot out of them because they’re specifically tailored to either their website, or the type of SEO skills which they want to gain.


What previous course students have to say 

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Not seen the type of training service you’re looking for? Not to worry. Whether you want to enquire about the above or require SEO training that is a little more bespoke, please don’t hesitate to drop me a message…


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