Freelance Manchester SEO Services

I Provide Tried & Tested SEO Strategies To Businesses Across Manchester

Whilst I’m not beholden to only working with Manchester-based businesses, my location naturally means that the majority of businesses I do work with are either in Manchester or the wider North West area. 

From contract cleaning companies in Stockport to eCommerce stores based in Trafford Park, I’m no stranger to the wide range of Mancunian businesses wanting to better their SEO strategy. 

As a freelancer I can offer what many of the larger agencies and more costlier alternatives can’t; a bespoke digital marketing strategy, priced within your budget and set to take your online visibility to the next level. 

This isn’t just standard marketing babble either. Take a look at my testimonials and case studies to see the types of strategies and results I get for businesses of all sizes, or get in touch with me directly on 07393 296 400. 

My Core Freelance Services

I don’t claim to be a jack of all trades, nor do I intend to be. I believe that becoming fully immersed into a discipline is the only way to truly get to grips with it, and SEO is no different. Within my SEO remit there are particular services I provide for clients time and again, due to both their effectiveness and high ROI. These include: 

  • Local SEO – A firm favourite for businesses just starting out and for those looking to target a certain location.

    Whilst search volumes are generally lower for local SEO-focused keywords (e.g. ‘Plumbers in Manchester’), the types of traffic that you can get to your website will be highly targeted, and relevant to the type of customers you’re looking to convert. 

  • Copywriting – Whilst there are constant arguments in the digital world about the role content plays in SEO, I am a firm believer that proper SEO starts with quality, optimised content.

    I use strategies based on keyword research and in-depth competitor analysis to outline what is working in your sector, what is needed to compete and most importantly, what it will take to develop content that will boost your revenue and online visibility. 
  • Outreach – I’ve recently taken a more active role in digital PR strategies, rather than advertising the more typical link building services. Why? Because anyone can buy a link, and links don’t mean anything without proper content or thought. 

    I use digital PR and outreach to get my clients featured in relevant, high-traffic publications, with backlinks that naturally grow the authority of their websites. 

  • Technical SEO – This part of the overall SEO strategy is often in the back of many website owners minds, until it’s too late. Using the latest tools and manual audits, I provide a range of technical SEO services from health checks, monitoring, site migrations, link audits, and much more. 

If you’re looking for a service not listed, please get in touch either way. If I cannot help you personally, I’d be more than happy to point you in the right direction. 

Get In Touch

Want to know more about what I do, or need to discuss how a bespoke SEO strategy can help to transform your business? I’d love to talk. 

Drop me a message below or give me a ring on 07393 286 400. Whether you’re looking for an initial strategy, a free top-level technical audit or simply want a brew, I’m all ears.